best wheel clamp 2023

based on

materials used to make it
type of lock

after reading the below reviews its your choice

Australian made
or an
imported wheel clamp

who manufactures the best wheel clamp in 2023 Australian made or imported China made

The wheel clamp reviews below will save you hours of your valuable time finding web pages about each wheel clamp brand manufactured world wide.

This will allow you to make your own decision whether to buy the Australian made wheel clamp or an imported China made wheel clamp.

First is an overview about warranty.

warranty is important

Before you buy any product you should always ask

how long is the warranty


If the product does not include a manufacturer warranty this should immediately indicate to you its a low quality product.

imported wheel clamps

no manufacture warranty

Buying an imported wheel clamp in Australia is only covered by the Australian mandatory 6 month warranty given by retailer and / or importer unless other wise stated at the time of purchase.

Australian Wheel Clamp

10 year manufacturer warranty

The Australian made wheel clamp is the only wheel clamp in the world guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years no matter where its purchased from.

never had a warranty claim

Since Australian Wheel Clamp first sale in March 2007 until today November 29, 2023 we, the manufacturer have never had a warranty claim and we are 100% confident we never will.

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what is compared in each wheel clamp review

This allows you to make your own decision which wheel clamp brand has the highest security rating.

after reading the following wheel clamp reviews

will you buy an imported


Australian made wheel clamp

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wheel clamp reviews

Click each to open and read.

your choice imported wheel clamp


Australian made wheel clamp

If you own or owned any wheel clamp brand send us an telling us about your experience with it.

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The Australian Wheel Clamp is guaranteed for 10 years by the Australian manufacturer.

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Australian Wheel Clamp manufacturer direct special offer

The only decision you have to make is, choose which of the two security options you want to purchase.

November 29, 2023

special offer

pay wholesale price

free delivery
Australia only

December 06, 2023

by the Australian manufacturer

November 29, 2033

that is a
10 year warranty

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