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Enforcer Wheel Clamp


Supreme Wheel Clamp

difference between Enforcer and Supreme wheel clamps

Enforcer Wheel Clamp
Enforcer Wheel Clamp stops opportunistic, smash and grab, semi professional thieves cutting chain or breaking a padlock
security rating
Superior Protection

Supreme Wheel Clamp
Supreme Wheel Clamp stops all methods thieves use to cut chain or break a padlock how, Padlock Protection locking system
security rating
Ultimate Protection

Both the Australian made Enforcer Wheel Clamp and Supreme Wheel Clamp are the same except for the lock.

both wheel clamps include

both wheel clamps

Fit all size wheels from the smallest wheel on a jet ski trailer or pop top caravan up to the largest wheel on a 4wd off road camper trailer and all size wheels between without adjusting anything

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the only difference is the lock


Includes one of the best padlocks the Abus 83/45 padlock, its made from rust proof alloys including the internal components. Will withstand dusty and damp conditions including when using it near sea water vapour.


Includes the Australian made patented locking system Padlock Protection made from 304 stainless steel.

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The only decision you have to make is, choose which of the two security options you want to purchase.

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